Saturday, 24 September 2011

1.5m x 1.5m Dining table

This is a cool concept for a table you can obviously squish more people in because of the box section leg. Victorian Ash was used throughout the build. Came up a treat

2m x 2m Tassmanian Oak table

This stunning dining table is built of Tasmanian Oak, recycled ironbark and a lovely piece of jarah running down the table. It measures 2m x 2m x .76 This monster table will sit 12 for a dinner party easy.

Recycled lime washed Oregon farm style dining table

This table is 100% built out of recycled materials. Old oregon beams and post were used. Pieces of merbu decking were used in between the oregon to break up the colour a bit. A lime wash was applied to bleach the oregon which came out fantastically. Dimensions 1800 x 950

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

 notice the the shavings everywhere
 Only removable FSC Fin plugs will do!
Give me 50+ hours a stack of pallets and ill build you pretty much any thing! The board looks great i chambered it to remove weight but it still weighs a tonne. I think it will just become a wall hanger for life. Cool concept i think though, if i stay away from the heavier timbers next time and stick with pine pallets let them dry for 6months i could get this thing surfable.

This was a cool idea a client had for a shoe rack. Built out of reclaimed building materials being oregon and messmate. No glue, screws or bots here as you can see all hand cut dove tail joints or motice and tennon joints! finished with just organoil to keep it 100% environmentally friendly!

Cool coffee table built entirely out of timber headed for the tip. The top is Tassmaian oak and the legs are im guessing the same. No nails or glue in this all joints are montice and tennon. I think it looks a bit Japanese with the angled legs and table top.
Some D fins laminated out of balsa and scrap wood just need a sand and glass then ready to surf!

Monday, 5 September 2011

This table is great entertaining size 1400 x 2100 x 75. The client wanted a rustic look and something that was not to highly finished in its apperance. Constructed of oregon, regum and jarah finished in a subtle lime wash with a beez wax finish.

This table measures 1000x 1700x 750. The top is constructed of  redish messmate with a center stringer of yellow box, all are stustainably harvested and grown in australia. The legs and rails are recycled australian hard woods. It is finished with a matt varnish. Great size for a smaller area will sit 6 comfortably.
This table is built from 100% recycled materials. The table top is built from oregon beams salvaged from a demolished pub in south melbourne. The legs are red gum salvaged from a an old shed in preston with the center stringer in the table top being salvaged jarah. It is finished with a beez wax making it feel really soft with a matt finish (this photo does not do it justice). This can be done in a more sharp varnish depending on what look you are after. dimenions are 2900x1200 it will sit 8 easilly and up to 14 if you really squish in.
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