Wednesday, 29 February 2012

3.5m desk with custom made filing cabinet and single draws

This monster desk is made from 30mm thick by 150mm wide pieces of tassie oak laminated together to  create a desk 700mm wide. The legs have been 'box joined' to the top creating a fantastic constrast of end grain and top grain. The draws have all been dovetailed (on my awsome new dovetailing JIG), the handles have been simply routed out and really suit the piece, nothing is overwhelming about the desk everything just sits together perfectly and the whole piece stands out as opposed to one aspect being the focus. 

Butchers Block

This Butchers block is made from Tassie Oak and measures 1100 x 880h x 550w. The top is made from offcuts from the work shop making sure everything gets recycled, i created the top pattern to break up the solid/unvaried colour of the tassie oak I think it really brings the top to life and makes is a center piece of a kitchen. 

Red Gum TV Cabinet

This TV cabinet measures 1100x600h x 450d. The top is made from a single 35mm thick piece of red gum with a 40mm strip of tas oak running through it. the tassie oak really brings this piece together, sometimes timber like jarah and especially redgum can get to overwhelming with just one dominant colour. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Walnut stained bench seats

These simple bench seats were stained to match the colour of the dining table. The timber is 35mm thick tas oak with a really quick application of walnut stain to keep the colour light.

Custom designed small dining table Tas Oak with a jarah strip running down the middle

The jarah piece was specifically selected as it had heaps of character with some burls and pretty crazy grain patterns going on,the finish is a high gloss varnish when light hits the 2 different timbers it really lights up and looks amazing. 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Lazy Susan

Lazy susan made from 'Messmate' which is just really another form on Vic Ash/Tassie measures 800mm diameter